Red Fridge - EP - 1999
Palmer Brothers Music, 1997

01.Hand It To Me (edit)
02.Building Your Wall
03.Dragging Me Down
04.When I Fall
lyrics (MP3)
05.Hand It To Me (uncut)
Limited Edition release of just 1000 copies

'Red Fridge was me, Mark (the original Budapest guitarist), Ade (the original bass player) and a guy called Ian Palmer on drums.
The EP is crap except for 'When I Fall' which showed very early signs of Budapest style stuff. The rest is very poppy rock stuff
that I don't talk about anymore....wasn't la la la...(fingers in ears)'.
John Garrison, 21st Nov. 2005

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Station EP - 1999
Station EP
Independent Release, 1999
Cat. No. DACJT01CD

02.Like Yesterday Again
03.15 Minutes

Debut Budapest release includes the original version of 'Time' which differs to the album track.
Landslide EP - 2000
Landslide EP
Easy Street Records, 2000
Cat. No. EASYST001

01.A Black Comedy
02.Deaf Eyes (MP3)
03.Reading, Writing & Arithmetic

'A Black Comedy' is also known as 'Friend Till The End', Easy Street records changed the title of the song for this EP,
without the bands approval. Just one of the many events that led to the split from the label.
e-card for the Landslide EP
Is This The Best It Gets? - 2001
Is This The Best It Gets?
Easy Street Records, 2001
Cat. No. EASYST003

01.Is This The Best It Gets?
lyrics (MP3)
03.Look You In The Eye
Too Blind To Hear - 2002
Too Blind To Hear
Easy Street Records, 2002
Cat. No. EASYST004

01.Is This The Best It Gets?
lyrics <video> <live video>
02.Look You In The Eye lyrics
03.Wake Up Call lyrics
04.Life Gets In The Way lyrics
05.Evade The Pain lyrics
06.Censored Memories lyrics
07.Further Away lyrics
08.Save The Day lyrics <live video>
09.Time lyrics
10.Nothing New lyrics
Wake Up Call - 2003
Wake Up Call
Easy Street Records, 2003
Cat. No. EASYST005

01.Wake Up Call (radio edit)
03.Wake Up Call (album version)

'Landslide' is the same version that appears on the 'Landslide EP'.
Head Towards The Dawn
Sinnamon Records, 2004
Cat. No. SINCD69

01.Say Something Wonderful
02.Get Me Home lyrics
03.Walking On Water lyrics
04.Clock Face lyrics <video>
05.Public Apology lyrics
06.Visiting Time lyrics
07.All This Time lyrics
08.Oh Yeah
09.Easy Water
10.Pressure lyrics
11.Something Somewhere lyrics
12.For What It's Worth lyrics
13.Questions lyrics

Released on CD in Spain only.
Head Towards The Dawn - 2004
John Garrison interview on 'In Search For a Song' - Dec. 2010
John talks about life in the early days, all the way up to his solo material
UPDATED 21st Feb. '12