'For America' written by Simon Toulson-Clarke
Produced by David Motion
Mixed by Red Box and MixMaster Phil Harding
Engineer: Trigger
'R'n A' written by Simon Toulson-Clarke / Julian Close
Produced by Red Box
Engineered by Chris Baylis
'For America (boy's own mix)' Produced by David Motion
'Ain't got No...I Got Life' (from the musical 'Hair')
Written by Ragni / Rado / MacDermot
Published by United Partnership Ltd
Produced By Red Box
Arranged by the Famous 6
Engineered by Chris Baylis
1986 WEA Records
- For America -
For America
WEA Records / 1986
7" Vinyl: YZ84
10" + 7" Shaped Picture Disc Vinyl Box-Set: YZ84SF
12" Vinyl: YZ84T
Highest UK Chart Position : 10

01.For America (3.43)
02.R'n A (4.01)
03.For America (Boy's Own Mix) (3.38)
10" Vinyl Only
04.Aint Got No...I Got Life (2.46) 10"/12" Vinyl Only
05.For America (Bazooka Mix) (5.50) 12" Vinyl Only
For America - 1986 (YZ84)
For America (YZ84)
For America (YZ84T)