- 10 Questions + Answers with 'Ginny Clee' -

Ginny Clee was in Red Box during the period of 'The Circle & The Square'.
Since then she has formed her own band, married the bloke who plays bass for
Billy Brag and shown everyone her arse! Read on...
Q1: How did you make it into Red Box?

I knew their producer Phill Brown. He got me into sing and i ended up staying. I'd met Phill
10 years or so before through joining a band he was producing and we've been friends
ever since. He has been responsible for some great moments in my career, and
introducing me to some great musicians who in turn got me to sing with people like Mike
Oldfield, TV Smith and particularly a jingle writer whose singer i became and i sang many
jingles including one of those Pepsi ads (Michael Jackson did the one after me!!). Not so
credible but but great for the bank account. The most recent session i did for Phill was
singing on Robert Plants new record. That WAS cool.

Q2: How long were you in Red Box for?

Now you're really testing my memory! I never remember those kind of things. Lets just
say i was there for the recording of the album and left after the success of the single 'For

Q3: Was it fun?

Yeah it was. When 'Lean On Me' was a hit, it was the first time any of us had done Top Of
The Pops and i'll never forget waiting to go on with TC (Simon Toulson-Clarke) and we
were so thrilled. Got pretty blase after that!

Q4: What's your fav. Red Box song?

hmmm....Testing my memory again. I think it would be the original version of 'Chenko'.
The album suffered from over-production (in my humble opinion) and the raw talent that
is Simon TC got a bit lost in it all.

Q5: Do you think 'The Circle & The Square' should be re-released?

No. I think TC should be given another chance with his new material. I have a great
memory of going round his house one sunny afternoon and the door was open and i
strolled in and he was playing his electric guitar with headphones plugged into it and i
watched him for ages. He was totally consumed. He finally noticed me and rather then say
hello or even be at all surprised, he ran up to me, plonked the headphones on my head
and yelled 'Cree!' (he used to call me that) 'Listen to this!'. It was a fine racket he was

Q6: Simon Edwards, your husband, was also in Red Box playing bass,
what happend to him?

Well he married me for a start. Apart from that he went on to great success in 'Fairground
Attraction' and since then he has played with many great people including Talk Talk, the
late Kirsty McColl, Joseph Arthur, Roy Orbison, David Gray, Julian Lennon, Me!,
Shriekback, some interesting French stuff, especially Alain Bashung, and is currently on
tour with Beth Gibbons the Portishead singer, having played on her new record. He is also
the currant bass player for Billy Brag. And in between that he is a hot salsa bassist and
has played with all the fine Latin musicians in London. He's also a great dad to Grace, our
daughter. Crikey! i hear you cry!

Q7: What did you do when your time with Red Box was over?

One of my songs (from a previous partnership) got covered by Pat Benatar, a big
American artist, which gave me the opportunity to concentrate on my writing. I was
signed with Warner/Chappel and they put me together with a couple called 'The
Vermorals' who were intellectuals who made their name writing a book about 'The Sex
Pistols'. It was a difficult relationship, culminating in a single 'Stereo Porno' on Factory
records which included a 6ft by 4ft poster campaign of my naked backside! I got away
from them (it wasn't easy) and decided to forget about my music for a while and have a
baby, which all went a bit square shaped (no, you don't want to know!) and then i went
off round Europe and America singing for Brian Kennedy. And then 'The Dear Janes' were

Q8: Do you still keep in touch with any past Red Box members?

I sang with TC about a year ago and he pops up every now and then. Julian, i have
bumped into over the years in studios. He has become very music biz! Chris Wyles we've
lost touch with (he lives in south London). Lucy Clee is my sister! Tony Head is the
infamous Anthony Head of 'Buffy' fame though he wasn't really a RB member but he did
sing on the record. The rest of them? Fuck-em.

Q9: How did the 'Dear Janes' project come about?

I was introduced to Barbara by a pal and resisted working with her for a long time (i
couldn't stand her - now i love her!) but finally gave in and we've been 'The Dear Janes'
for about 12 years. We were signed to Geffen records which was a great time, 'till they
went down the pan like most of the great labels. If you want more info on that story
there's reams of it at dearjanes.com

Q10: What do you think about the state of the UK charts?

Well i'd be sounding like my parents if i started to moan but there's not much to feel good
about with the industry in the state it's in and the charts always relect that. Most of the
good music goes unnoticed though i'm a big fan of Ms. Dynamite and partial to the
Sugababes. The charts has always had its fair share of rubbish but there probably is more
than usual. All these girl and boy bands are very showbiz and squeekyclean which i find a
bit dissapointing. My lithmus test has always been my parents opinion of my music. If they
like it i bin it!

Oh and a P.S.....
I am now managed by the bloke who was the press officer for
Isn't that a small world!