Lean On Me (ah-li-ayo)
WEA Records / 1985
7" Vinyl: W8926
7"x2 Vinyl Box-Set: W8926B
7" Shaped Picture Disc Vinyl: W8926P
12" Vinyl: W8926T
12"x2 Vinyl Box-Set: W8926TF
Highest UK Chart Position : 3

01.Lean On Me (ah-li-ayo) (4.18)
02.Stinging Bee (4.36)
03.Lean On Me (ah-li-ayo) (Dogmatix) (6.41)
12" Vinyl Only
04.Stinging Bee (Catmatix) (4.36) 12" Vinyl Only

Stinging Bee (Catmatix) is the exact same version as Stinging Bee.
The title was an in-band joke replying to Dogmatix.
- Lean On Me (ah-li-ayo) -
Lean On Me - 1985 (W8926)
'Lean On Me' written by Simon Toulson-Clarke
Originally recorded and produced by David Motion
Engineer: Trigger
Additional recording and production by Chris Hughes
'Stinging Bee' written by Simon Toulson-Clarke / Julian Close
Produced by Red Box
Engineer: Dave Bascombe
Mixed by Chris Highes / Ross Cullum
1985 WEA Records
Lean On Me (W8926TF)
Lean On Me (W8926TF)
Lean On Me (W8926P)
Lean On Me (W8926P)