'What Was I Supposed To Do?'
written by Simon Toulson-Clarke / Derek Adams / Steve Carr / Simon Cole
'Once I Dreamed' + 'Martha Jackson' written by Simon Toulson-Clarke / Steve Carr / Simon Cole
'Sun and the Sea' written by Simon Toulson-Clarke / Derek Adams
'Take My Hand For A While' written by Buffy Sainte-Marie
'Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime' written by James Warren
Produced by Simon Toulson-Clarke
Mixed by Matt Butler and Simon Toulson-Clarke
Published by Cherry Red Songs except:
'Everybody's Got To Learn Sometimes' by Warner Chappell Music Ltd.
'Take My Hand For A While' by Gipsy Boy Music
2011 Cherry Red Records
- The Plenty Sessions EP -
The Plenty Sessions EP
Cherry Red Records / 2011
Digital Download
Highest UK Chart Position: n/a

01.Once I Dreamed (3.12)
02.Take My Hand For A While (2.21)
03.What Was I Supposed To Do? (3.31)
04.Sun and the Sea (3.02)
05.Martha Jackson (3.05)
06.Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime (4.22)

Digital download release from the bonus limited edition CD of Plenty.
The Plenty Sessions EP - 2011